In the casino it is like in the profession: Who knows more and can more, earns more. If you know secret casino tricks, then you know more and with regular training on the equipment and tables you can then also more. In the best case you will also win more at the recommendations. This article can simplify your casino life, because here you will learn how real bankroll management works, why a win does not always mean success and how you can win more than others at recommendations.

Save yourself the trouble of studying dubious online casino tricks. Good secret casino tricks and casino tips from real professionals are only available from us. With our casino machine tricks you maximize your winnings at the slots. We reveal which casino tricks slot machines do not work and with which general online casino tips an experienced gambler plays! Of course, the casino tricks are free with us. Our editors are now looking deep into their cards and tell you their casino tips and tricks and at which providers they use them.

Secret casino tricks in the check

Since the world of casino games, strategies and slot machine tricks is constantly changing, we take a look at which current secret casino tricks are recommended to you on the net. We will also give you an outlook on whether these tips and tricks make sense or whether you should keep your hands off them.

The 2 Euro trick has never worked

2 Euro trick

Let’s start with one of the tricks that is still in people’s minds today. We are talking about the so-called two euro trick. This trick dates back to the time when slot machines were only available in pubs and arcades. The basic idea was to play ten spins with the minimum bet. Mostly these were just two euros, since each spin costs 0.20 €. Within these ten games, it was then evaluated how often one won and whether a 2.5 X win was among them. And if that was the case, the test showed that the machine is in a giving mood.

We don’t even know where to begin to dispel this myth. From a mathematical point of view alone, it is simply fundamentally wrong. Every single time you try a machine, the random number generator kicks in. You can’t figure out from past spins how the machine will pay out in the next ten tries. That is impossible. This secret casino trick is just as much nonsense as pressing the button at the right moment to win!

Pay attention to correct information when signing up – really?

 correct information

Then you will also be informed over and over again on the net that one of the secret casino tricks is to make sure you don’t make any typos when signing up. What the whole thing has to do with a secret casino trick, we do not know now. We simply came across it several times on the net. Yes, it is true that you have to make sure that there are no typos when registering, otherwise the proof of identity cannot be carried out successfully. However, this is a requirement for registration and not a casino trick.

Whoever gives such tips has never played himself!

At the latest when you find this info in a guidebook, you have to ask yourself if the author of the guidebook has any idea about casino tricks at all, if he comes around the corner so early with trivial info. This also applies to the choice of a reputable casino. Of course you orient yourself by our recommendations, and then you are on the safe side. But this has nothing to do with recommending a secret casino trick.

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